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Catholic Diocese of Makurdi

St. Therera's Parish, High Level

Deanery: High Level Deanery
Revd Fr Comas Jooli
Parish Priest: Revd Fr Comas Jooli
Revd Fr Akaa Barnabas Iorwuese











About St. Therera's Parish, High Level

St. Theresa's parish can be traced back to 1956 when it started as an outstation of Holy Ghost Cathedral Makurdi as a small church in a thatched hut located at Luka, the premises now occupied by Tarka Foundation and the public square. In that same year it was relocated to low-level opposite St. Theresa's Primary School to pave way for other developmental needs. It was later again moved to High Level in 1967 on the instructions of the then Bishop Revd Dr. D.J. Murray (of blessed memory).

Between 1956 and 1980 when St. Theresa's Church was an outstation of Holy Ghost Cathedral, the following priests came as visiting priests to the outstation; Father John Briene, CSsp, Revd Father Francis Bligh,CSsp,  Revd Father Avery Gerard, CSsp, Father Frarey, Cssp, Father Sherwood, CSsp, Father Stephen Beba, Father Dennis Num of blessed memory. Father O. DonneI and Father (Dr) Clement Mato,

St. Theresa's Parish High Level Makurdi was created and inaugurated on 20th September, 1980. Below is the succession tree of parish priests:

Parish Priests

The late Father G.F.  Woods C.S.Sp           1980-1990          

The late Father Dominic Yuhe                     1990-1998

Father Michael Murphy C.S.Sp                   1998-2000

Father Michael Buter                                     2000 June-Oct. 2000

Father Donatus Ugema                                 2000-2002

Father Emmanuel Doki                                  2002-2004           

Father John Ikponko                                      2004 Oct-June 2005

Father Dominic Jir                                            2005-2011

Father John Ikponko                                      2011-2016

Father William Shom                                      2017 (Acting) - Oct 20, 2017

Father Amos Mbachie                                   2017-2018

Father Cosmas Jooli                                        2018 - till date