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Catholic Diocese of Makurdi

St. Michael's Catholic Parish, Yagba

Deanery: Udei Deanery

Parish Priest:
Revd Fr Atim Bem Mathias, CSSp.











About St. Michael's Catholic Parish, Yagba

The Mission started as a small church at a temporary site under a cashew tree along Lafia road, through the effort of the late Marcellinus Tsehernba Iorgyer in 1986. It was later moved to another temporary site, presently occupied by ECWA Church, Yagba, in 1988, as an outstation of St. Mary's Catholic Church, North Bank, Makurdi.

In 1992, it was finally moved to its permanent site, through the efforts of some of its members, such as Marcellinus Iorgyer and Mr. Richard Tsevende who donated parcels of lands, in addition to lands procured by the church in later years.

In 2001,Yagba  was upgraded to the status of an independent mission by His Lordship, the Catholic Bishop of Makurdi Diocese, Most Revd Athanasius Usuh, on his 1st Pastoral visit, during the spiritual leadership of Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Agundo CSsp as Priest-in-Charge. At this time St. Michael's Catholic Mission was carved out with two zones namely, Ihwakar and Tyodugh zones. In year 2009, His Lordship, Most Rev. Athanasius Usuh made the 2nd Pastoral visit to the mission. This visit witnessed the foundation stone laying Ceremony for the new Church, which occurred during the spiritual leadership of Rev. Fr. John loravee Atoba C.S.Sp as Priest-in-Charge, while in year 2008, the initial two zones were further split into four zones namely, Yagba, Agan, Ihwakar and Tyodugh zones.

Since becoming a mission, St. Michael's Catholic Mission, Yagba, built and fenced the Father's House and completed the permanent church building, at the central church in Yagba. On 2nd April, 2014 a natural disaster (whirl wind) blew and pulled off the church roof, including the collapse of part of the new central church building. This incident was a litmus test on the faith of the lay faithful, which the members overcame.

The collaped part of the new church building was rebuilt and re-roofed by the good efforts of the lay faithful.

On June 6, 2015 when Revd Fr. Moses Dzever C.S.Sp was the priest-in-charge of the Mission, the new church was dedicated and elevated to the status of a parish by His Lordship, Most Revd Wilfred Anagbe, CMF.

Priests of the parish include the following: Fr. Chia Thaddeus Akaajime C.S.Sp parish priest, Fr. Bem M. Atim C.S.Sp assistant parish priest, Fr. Akpen Thomas  C.S.Sp priest in residence.