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Catholic Diocese of Makurdi

St. Mary's Mission, Songu

Deanery: Makurdi Deanery
Revd Fr Donatus Ugema
Parish Priest: Revd Fr Donatus Ugema











About St. Mary's Mission, Songu

St. Mary's Songu was established on July 25th, 1987 as an outstation of OLPH Cathedral, Makurdi under the pastoral care of Father Taylor.

The Church was inaugurated on November 14th, 1987 by Father Dominic Jir who took over from Father Taylor as Cathedral Administrator on October 5th, 2000. St. Mary's Songu became an outstation of St. Joseph's Nyiman under the pastoral care of Father James Hunter when Nyiman was carved out of OLPH Cathedral. Following the visit of the committee on creation of parishes and missions headed by Father Oliver Tarkende, August 5, 2015 on the recommendation of the parish priest, Father Moses A. Iorapuu and the subsequent recommendation of the committee to the Bishop of Makurdi Catholic Diocese, His Lordship Most Revd Wilfred C. Anagbe. St. Mary's Songu was then proclaimed a mission on the 1st day of October, 2015 with three outstations by His Lordship and Father Felix Nyinya was appointed as the 1st priest in charge on the same day. 

                Father Felix Nyinya has been replaced by Father Donatus Ugema.