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Catholic Diocese of Makurdi

St. Joseph's Parish, Nyiman

Deanery: Makurdi Deanery
Revd Fr Stephen Ishor
Parish Priest: Revd Fr Stephen Ishor
Revd Fr Humphrey Boyo











About St. Joseph's Parish, Nyiman

The present day St. Joseph's Parish, Nyiman had a humble background. The take off of the Church was initiated by the late Pa Joseph Nyiman Pila who established a Primary School which he named after himself, and later willingly donated a bigger piece of land for Church projects.

The establishment of the Church began in 1970 as an outstation of St. Gregory's Parish, Ikpayongo.

In 1980, St. Joseph's Catholic Church Nyiman became an outstation of the then newly created Our Lady of Perpetual Help Cathedral Parish, Makurdi.

In March, 2000, it was upgraded to the status of an Independent Mission and Revd Father James Hunter was posted to take charge of the Mission.  Under Father Titus Imojime it was upgraded to the status of a parish on September 5, 2010.  Father Moses Iorapuu was the parish priest, from 2012 to 2017  The parish has a Secondary School established by Father James Hunter and an academy established by Father Moses Iorapuu.  St. Joseph's has also given birth to two Missions: St. Mary's Songo and St. Rita's Agber 2015. The current Parish Priest is Father Stephen Ishor.



St. Augustine's Parish Demekpe began as an outstation under Holy Ghost Parish Makurdi on August 5, 1994. On  February 2, 2003 the Church was pronounced a mission by the then Bishop of Makurdi Diocese Most Revd Athanasius Atule Usuh, with the posting of  Father Bernard Asogo as the Priest-in-Charge with St. Joseph's Catholic Church Iniongun and St. Gabriel's Church Akpam ( 8th Nov, 2008) as outstations.

On May 24, 2009, St. Augustine's Mission was raised to the status of a parish and Father Isaiah Utsuah came in as the parish priest. In 2013, St. Joseph's Church Iniongun was carved out of the parish to be an independent mission with St. Gabriel's Akpam as an outstation.

St. Augustine's Demekpe today exists without an outstation. The parish now has two priests: Father Solomon Ukeyima  as parish priest  and John Abagi as Catechist. The Church was dedicated by Bishop Willfred Anagbe, Cmf on November 4, 2018.