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Catholic Diocese of Makurdi

Our Lady of Perpetual Help Cathedral, Makurdi

Deanery: Makurdi Deanery
Revd Fr Emmanuel Abela
Cathedral Administrator: Revd Fr Emmanuel Abela
Associate Priest Revd Fr Thaddeus Gbor, VC
Associate Priest Revd Fr Benjamin Kulekule, VC











About Our Lady of Perpetual Help Cathedral, Makurdi

Records show that the first group of Missionaries, made up of mainly German Holy Ghost Fathers and brothers arrived Makurdi by train from Enugu on 30th October 1930 and built the Holy Ghost Church, which later served as the sent of the bishop.

In March 1979, the Cathedral was moved from Holy Ghost Church by His Lordship, Most Revd Donald Murray then Bishop of Makurdi Diocese, to its present location at Our Lady of Perpetual Help.

Father J.V. Taylor, CSSP who later became the first Administrator of the Cathedral was the priest assigned the task of building the new Cathedral.

At that time, the surrounding Churches of Nyiman, Tionsha, Kighir and Ujamatyu were all under Ikpayongo Parish.

Taylor CSSP celebrated first Mass in July, 1979, which was held at the south eastern corner of the land under a Carpenter's shed, thatched with palm leaves. About 27 Catholics attended the inaugural mass.

The Bishop later excised the four smaller churches from Ikpayongo Parish namely: Tionsha, Nyiman, Kighir and Ujamatyu, and merged them with Cathedral to become a full-fledged Parish at the end of December, 1980.  The new Cathedral was completed and commissioned on 2nd November, 1982.

The Cathedral since its establishment in 1982 has been administered by eleven Administrators as shown below.

Past Cathedral Administrators:

1.             Very Revd (Dr) Father John Taylor  (deceased) 1978-1985

2.            Very Revd.Father Dominic Jir                                      1986-1989

3.            Very Revd. Father (Prof.) Moses Orhungur          1989-1992

4.            Very Revd. Father Felix Korayom (deceased)      1992-1997

5.            Very Revd. Father Moses lorapuu                            1997-1998

6.            Very Revd. Father JohnT. Ikponko                           1998-2004

7.            Very Revd. Father Peter Boagee (deceased)       2004-2006

8.            Very Revd. Father Emmanuel Adagba                    2006-2008

9.            Very Revd. Father Osbert Viashima                         2008-2014

10.          Very Revd. Father Titus Imojime                               2014-2015

11.          Very Revd Father Emmanuel Abela                         2015 till date