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Catholic Diocese of Makurdi


Christ The King

Christ the King Church, Ichwa was established in 1960 as an outstation of Sacred Heart Parish, Udei. When St. Mary's Parish, North Bank, Makurdi was erected in 1986, Ichwa was placed under the new Parish. From the beginning, Mass was celebrated in the community only occasionally, but from 1995, it was celebrated more regularly by different priests, permitted by Father Stephen Beba, Parish Priest of St. Mary's Parish, North Bank, Makurdi and Dean of Udei deanery, the church became a Mission of Christ the King, Ichwa on October 3rd, 2010. Father Francis Ekpo OMI is the priest-in-charge and assisted by Father Godwin Iorkyaa, OMI.


Church of Immaculate Conception, Upper Hill

The initial efforts to begin a Catholic community at UpperHill, was started by Rev. Fr Dr Nicholas N. Tarbo, when he first mobilized Sir Jude Tyoh, KSJI, Benjamin Akpera, Engr. Julius Agabi, Dennis Akpi and Dennis Ukah to work with him and explore the possibility of securing land to establish a Catholic Church around the International Market area in 2012. A place was shown but upon visit by Fr N.N. Tarbo in company of the then Auxiliary Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Makurdi, Most Rev. William Avenya and Rev. Fr Dr Henry Akaabiam, the place was declared unfit, as the top soil was completely excavated.

When Rev. Fr Oliver Ortese took over as the Parish Priest of St. Joseph's Parish, Akpehe, he continued the process and approached Zaki Nicholas Num Dwem and sought his permission to use his residence to start a Catholic Church.  Zaki Num Dwem accepted and on the 22nd September, 2012, the first Mass was celebrated under a tree with thirty four (34) worshippers. The ...

Divine Mercy Mission, Howe

St. Paul's Catholic Church, Howe existed over the years as an outstation of St. Patrick's Parish, Taraku. Father Japhet Asaki was the first priest in charge of the mission. He was posted to the mission on September 2, 2015. The Mission has 25 outstations. The Mission now has Father Michael Akura as the priest-in-charge.


God the Father of All Mankind Parish, Makurdi

The Church, God of the Father of All Mankind was built by Revd Father Angus Fraser with the help of his friends.  The Church which is located at Mt. St. Gabriel's Secondary School was created out of Holy Ghost Parish, Makurdi and  made a parish on November 6, 2016 by Most Revd Wilfred Chikpa Anagbe, cmf and Father Theophilus Hwande, VC was appointed the first Parish priest. He is still serving there.


Holy Emmanuel Catholic Mission

What is today known as Holy Emmanuel Catholic Mission, Old GRA, Makurdi began in 2007 at the instance of the late Mrs. Juliana Atoba.  That same year it moved to Nigerian Railway Corporation land close to God's Delight Private School, Railway Quarters with the assistance of  Mr. Joseph Numba.

On the March 3, 2008, the church was formally commissioned by the then parish priest of St. Peter's Cathlic Parish Low-level,  Makurdi, Rev. Fr. John Ikponko.  At that event, 115 persons received the Sacrament of Baptism while 3 couples were wedded.

By 2012, the then Bishop of Makurdi Catholic Diocese, Most Revd A.A. Usuh moved the church to its present location by giving out part of St. Joseph’s College Quarters.

Since inception, the following priests have taken charge of the Church/Mission till date: Father John Ikponko, Father Jacob Tondo, Father Stephen Ishor, Father Prof. Francis Wegh, Father Louis Ajinge, cmf and Father Thadd ...

Holy Emmanuel Catholic Mission, Umenger

Holy Emmanuel Catholic Mission, Umenger started as an outstation of Sacred Heart Parish, Udei.  The first mass was celebrated by Rev Fr. Bika Die in 1964 when Most Rev James Hagan (of blessed memory) was then the Bishop of Makurdi Diocese.

In 1965, Rev Fr. Augustine formally inaugurated the church.  Another Mass was celebrated in 1967 by Rev Fr. Fenesin and Rev Fr. Macoule celebrated yet another in 1968.

In 1971, Bishop Donald Murray (of blessed memory) visited Umenger church while on pastoral visit to Udei parish.  In 1989, Rev Fr. David Aguh the then parish priest of Udei in his desire to expand the parish created three zones in the parish namely: Zone A with the headquarter at Adai, Zone B headquartered at Udei and Zone C comprising Umenger, Uikpiam and Gbajimba areas with their headquarter at Umunger.

Rev. Fr. Jude Jirga also created two additional zones out of Umenger zone namely, Gbajimba and Uikpaim in 1991.  Umenger then as t ...

Holy Ghost Parish, Makurdi

Holy Ghost Parish Makurdi, the First Parish and Cathedral of the then Makurdi Diocese was established in the year 1929 by the German Holy Ghost Priests. Its initial church building was built that same year of its establishment alongside the Holy Ghost Nursery and Primary School which is still functional and a rest house and also a house for the catechist, Christopher llobi, the first catechist of the parish.

The first group of missionaries to settle in Holy Ghost Parish arrived Makurdi on 30th October, 1930 by train. The team was made up of four missionaries namely; two priests, Fathers Winterle Cssp and Kristen Cssp and two brothers; Mauricea and Remigius. The priests moved into the rest house while the brothers occupied the catechist house.

On 2nd November, 1930 Mr. Peter Paul Nwoye Ikeaba was the first man to receive the sacrament of baptism in the parish at the hands of the German Holy Ghost Priest Fr. Kirsten Cssp.

The initial church was built to s ...

Our Lady of Perpetual Help Cathedral, Makurdi

Records show that the first group of Missionaries, made up of mainly German Holy Ghost Fathers and brothers arrived Makurdi by train from Enugu on 30th October 1930 and built the Holy Ghost Church, which later served as the sent of the bishop.

In March 1979, the Cathedral was moved from Holy Ghost Church by His Lordship, Most Revd Donald Murray then Bishop of Makurdi Diocese, to its present location at Our Lady of Perpetual Help.

Father J.V. Taylor, CSSP who later became the first Administrator of the Cathedral was the priest assigned the task of building the new Cathedral.

At that time, the surrounding Churches of Nyiman, Tionsha, Kighir and Ujamatyu were all under Ikpayongo Parish.

Taylor CSSP celebrated first Mass in July, 1979, which was held at the south eastern corner of the land under a Carpenter's shed, thatched with palm leaves. About 27 Catholics attended the inaugural mass.

The Bishop later excised the four smaller chu ...

Saints Peter and Paul Parish Aliade

The history of SS Peter and Paul's Parish, Aliade dates back to the 1930's when the early missionaries were combing the terrains of the Benue Valley.  As documents have it the evangelization of the lower Niger area by the Holy Ghost Fathers and Brothers from Germany,Ireland, England and France led to the establishment of the lower Niger Apostolic Prefecture.

Missionary activities started with the creation of designated areas particularly along railway camps such as; Igumale, Utonkon, Otukpo, Taraku, Agena etc. Taraku centre was later upgraded to the status of a parish in the 1935 and named Saint Patrick's parish.

In order to further spread the message of God in the new parish of Taraku, zones were created to facilitate the work of evangelization. The zones at that time were Raav, Mbakpa, Awajir, Njiriv, Ngyohov and Agidi. Ngyohov zone which is now named Ss Peter and Paul's Parish, Aliade, at that time was made up of churches within the Ngyoho ...

St. Augustine

St. Augustine's Nenger was established on April 4, 2009 with Father Nicholas Tarbo as the priest-in-charge. It is located behind Government Model College, Makurdi with an approximate population of Five Hundred people. There is a Church building, a modest Fathers' house, a primary and nursery school and the old Church building. The premise is generally swampy during the rainy season. Father Terungwa Tor succeeded Father Tarbo, Father Celestine Tyowua succeeded Terungwa and Father Ugwu Patrick, VC succeeded Celestine, Father Ambrose Amue is the current priest in charge.


St. Augustine

St. Augustine's Parish Demekpe began as an outstation under Holy Ghost Parish Makurdi on August 5, 1994. On  February 2, 2003 the Church was pronounced a mission by the then Bishop of Makurdi Diocese Most Revd Athanasius Atule Usuh, with the posting of  Father Bernard Asogo as the Priest-in-Charge with St. Joseph's Catholic Church Iniongun and St. Gabriel's Church Akpam ( 8th Nov, 2008) as outstations.

On May 24, 2009, St. Augustine's Mission was raised to the status of a parish and Father Isaiah Utsuah came in as the parish priest. In 2013, St. Joseph's Church Iniongun was carved out of the parish to be an independent mission with St. Gabriel's Akpam as an outstation.

St. Augustine's Demekpe today exists without an outstation. The parish now has two priests: Father Solomon Ukeyima  as parish priest  and John Abagi as Catechist. The Church was dedicated by Bishop Willfred Anagbe, Cmf on November 4, 2018.


St. Dominic

This mission started as an out-station under Ikpayongo Parish in 1976. Between that period and the end of September, 2005 the church was under the spiritual tutelage of several Reverend Fathers.  These included Revd Father Thomas Dekaa, Revd Father Clement Mato. Revd Father Moses Orhungur.  Revd Father Dennis Num (deceased), Revd Father Peter Gbulum (deceased) and Father Moses lorapuu as the Parish Priest of St. Joseph's Akpehe. The Mission was created and Revd Father Michael Murphy, CSsp took over the mission on October 2, 2005. The parish has nursery/primary and secondary schools.


St. Francis Xavier Parish, Agagbe

Created in 1988, St. Francis Xavier's Agagbe Parish was carved out of St. Theresa's Parish, Naka, with a missionary, Father James Hunter as the pioneer parish priest. The parish started with 5 zones and 55 outstations.

St. Augustine's Adaka mission was later carved out of the parish leaving Agagbe with 43 stations. The parish presently has a population of 3,000 people.

Incessant Fulani attacks have held back rapid growth of the parish. Churches neatly built and roofed are five in number. The parish has a Nursery/Primary and a Secondary School.  The current parish priest is Father Titus Imojime, who succeeded  Father James Utav.


St. Gabriel

St. Gabriel's Catholic Mission Tyav had a humble beginning. It started as a church in the year 1983 by some choir members of the then St. Dominic Catholic Church Shachi and a host of others.  At that time they were worshiping under a mango tree at the late Governor Aper Aku's Compound.

Through communal efforts, a thatch-roofed Church was constructed and named St. Gabriel's Catholic Church Tyav. The Church then was under Ikpayongo Parish as an outstation. Father D. T.  Akegh was the Priest in charge of the Parish; Father Nicholas Tarbo was the first priest to conduct mass in the new church. Other priests that celebrated mass for the church at that time included the late Father Robert Ode, Father Thomas Dekaa. Others included Father Geoffrey lortyer (of blessed memory), Father Augustine Igbum, Father Akagwu, Father Oliver Ortese and Father Moses Orshio Adasu (of blessed memory).

In February 2011, St. Gabriel's was declared an independent m ...

St. Gregory

St. Gregory's Parish, Ikpayongo was established in 1970. Father B. Backer Dike was the first Parish Priest. The parish had Father Donatus Orkar Ugema as the parish priest who was replaced last year by Father Alexander Shango. The parish has 38 outstations.  St. Gregory’s, Parish, Ikpayongo is considered the mother parish to many of the parishes within Makurdi metropolis and beyond.


St. John De Baptist Mission, Tyozua

St. John de Baptist Catholic Church, Tyozua came into being when  its  members  who  were  attending  masses  at  St. Dominic's Church, Sachi and St. Francis Church, Akpen decided to start a new station.

The late John Tyozua donated a piece of land in 1984, located at Km 5 Gboko Road, opposite the Benue Brewery Factory now Nigerian Breweries PLC as his contribution for the building of the Church.

The Church began as an outstation of St. Gregory's Parish, Ikpayongo. The then Parish Priest, Father Thomas Dekaa assigned Father Michael Akure to nurse the new Church.

The Church later became an outstation of St. Joseph's Parish Akpehe, when Akpehe was carved out of St. Gregory's Parish Ikpayongo as a mission in 1997.

With the kind gesture of Alexander Nyor Gaadi and his family, the church acquired a plot of land.   The Church was elevated to the status of a mission on 5th May, 2013 wi ...

St. Joseph

St. Joseph's Akpehe was established in the year 2000 with Father Moses Iorapuu as the priest in charge. It became a parish on June 11, 2006. Akpehe now has three outstations and Father Emmanuel Adagba is the current Parish Priest. He took over from Father Oliver Ortese Snr.


St. Joseph

The present day St. Joseph's Parish, Nyiman had a humble background. The take off of the Church was initiated by the late Pa Joseph Nyiman Pila who established a Primary School which he named after himself, and later willingly donated a bigger piece of land for Church projects.

The establishment of the Church began in 1970 as an outstation of St. Gregory's Parish, Ikpayongo.

In 1980, St. Joseph's Catholic Church Nyiman became an outstation of the then newly created Our Lady of Perpetual Help Cathedral Parish, Makurdi.

In March, 2000, it was upgraded to the status of an Independent Mission and Revd Father James Hunter was posted to take charge of the Mission.  Under Father Titus Imojime it was upgraded to the status of a parish on September 5, 2010.  Father Moses Iorapuu was the parish priest, from 2012 to 2017  The parish has a Secondary School established by Father James Hunter and an academy established by Father Moses Iorap ...

St. Joseph

St. Joseph’s Catholic Church Iniongun, was carved out of St. Joseph Society (Tiv group) Holy Ghost Parish Makurdi during the time of Athanasius Usuh (later, Bishop of Makurdi Diocese). Then, the parish priest of Holy Ghost parish, Makurdi decided in a meeting held at Holy Ghost Parish on January 25, 1987 and delegated the late Mr. James Uzomun and Mr. Alphonsus Wende to see the take-off and progress of the new church in Iniongun.

The idea was welcomed by all, and Sunday being February 15, 1987, the first Sunday service was conducted by the late Mr. James Uzomun which marked the commencement of other activities. However, the first priest to celebrate in St. Joseph Catholic Church Iniongun, was the late Father Robert Ode, on 23/3/1987.  At the creation of St. Augustine's Catholic Mission Demekpe in 2003, St. Joseph's Catholic Church emerged as an out- station to this newly created mission with Father Bernard Asogo as the priest in charge.

Then on ...

St. Lawrence Chaplaincy - Air Force

St. Lawrence Chaplaincy came into existence sometime in 1980 with the establishment of the Nigerian Air Force, Makurdi. The them Bishop of Makurdi Diocese, Most Revd Donald Murray assigned Father Fidelis Chike Nwosu to take charge of the spiritual needs of the officers, soldiers, and their children/wards.  Father Thomas Mason (OSA) gave impetus to the creation of a full fledged Chaplaincy Currently, Father (Sqn Ldr) Cyril Akuh is the priest in charge of the chaplaincy. The church has a population of over 350 parishioners.


St. Mark

Father Robert Ode (of Blessed Memory) celebrated the First Mass of the Church on the 9th January, 1983. This mass was attended by 18 people with a total collection on that day of 30 kobo only. Apir became a zone of its own with the headquarters at Apir with Father Jude Jirgba (of blessed memory) as the parish priest of Ikpayongo. On September 1, 2012, the mission was approved and established by the Diocesan Catholic Bishop, his Lordship Bishop  Athanasius .A. Usuh.

On November 30, 2012, the Auxiliary Bishop of Makurdi Diocese, the Most Revd William Avenya officially commissioned the mission and installed the first priest of the quasi parish in person of Father Amos Mbachie St. Mark's Catholic Mission Apir which has its headquarters at Apir where it started as a small Church on the 9th January, 1983 out of St. Gregory's Parish Ikpayongo. Apir has approximately 2100 Communicants with  not fewer than six thousand lay faithful.


St. Mark

St. Mary's Mission Igbor was established on October 1, 2012.  It had 11 outstations and Father Jutin Aondo as the priest-in-charge. Father Aondo was succeeded by Father James Tagesa, who is presently heading the Mission.


St. Martins

St. Martin’s Mission, Abenga was established in September 2, 2015. The Father Malachy Anum was the priest-in-charge and is replaced by Father Alphonsus Utume as the priest in charge. The mission has 11 outstations. The Catholic Mission has an estimated population of 4,766 Catholics and appreciable number practicing.


St. Mary

St. Mary's Songu was established on July 25th, 1987 as an outstation of OLPH Cathedral, Makurdi under the pastoral care of Father Taylor.

The Church was inaugurated on November 14th, 1987 by Father Dominic Jir who took over from Father Taylor as Cathedral Administrator on October 5th, 2000. St. Mary's Songu became an outstation of St. Joseph's Nyiman under the pastoral care of Father James Hunter when Nyiman was carved out of OLPH Cathedral. Following the visit of the committee on creation of parishes and missions headed by Father Oliver Tarkende, August 5, 2015 on the recommendation of the parish priest, Father Moses A. Iorapuu and the subsequent recommendation of the committee to the Bishop of Makurdi Catholic Diocese, His Lordship Most Revd Wilfred C. Anagbe. St. Mary's Songu was then proclaimed a mission on the 1st day of October, 2015 with three outstations by His Lordship and Father Felix Nyinya was appointed as the 1st priest in charge on the same da ...

St. Mary

St. Mary's Parish started as an outstation of Sacred Heart Parish, Udei. Thus in 1986, the then Catholic Bishop of Makurdi Diocese, Most Revd Donald Murray established St. Mary's Parish with thirteen outstations and posted Father Clement Akume Mato to take charge of the parish.

Father Oliver Tarkende took over from Father Clement Mato in 1997.  The congregation continued to increase and Yagba Mission was carved out 2001. Father Tarkende's period ended in 2008 and Father Stephen Beba took over.

The period of Father Beba has witnessed steady growth and the parish embarked on the construction of a gigantic church which is near completion. He also established St. Stephen's Asase, Quasi-Parish Ichwa and St. Josephine's Church, Borogo.

The present St. Mary's Parish has the central Church and three outstations of St.  Athanasius Jorfada, St. Francis Uchonu and St. Josephine Borogo.


St. Michael

The Mission started as a small church at a temporary site under a cashew tree along Lafia road, through the effort of the late Marcellinus Tsehernba Iorgyer in 1986. It was later moved to another temporary site, presently occupied by ECWA Church, Yagba, in 1988, as an outstation of St. Mary's Catholic Church, North Bank, Makurdi.

In 1992, it was finally moved to its permanent site, through the efforts of some of its members, such as Marcellinus Iorgyer and Mr. Richard Tsevende who donated parcels of lands, in addition to lands procured by the church in later years.

In 2001,Yagba  was upgraded to the status of an independent mission by His Lordship, the Catholic Bishop of Makurdi Diocese, Most Revd Athanasius Usuh, on his 1st Pastoral visit, during the spiritual leadership of Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Agundo CSsp as Priest-in-Charge. At this time St. Michael's Catholic Mission was carved out with two zones namely, Ihwakar and Tyodugh zones. In year 2009, His ...

St. Michael

St. Michael's parish Agasha started as an independent mission in 1998 and was carved out of St. Gregory's Parish, Ikpayongo. Father Samuel Malu (of blessed memory) was assigned to oversee the activities of the mission which had twenty outstations. Between 1998 and 2002, series of changes were made that saw Fathers Isaac Ajai and Samuel Malu exchange batons of leadership and finally Father Joseph Agbecha came on board as the priest in charge of the mission. He worked tirelessly and brought the mission to its present status of a parish on May 3, 2003 under the then Bishop of Makurdi Diocese, Most Revd Athanasius Usuh.

More stations were created and the number of outstations have increased to twenty four up to date.  The Parish Priest was Father Paul Nyinya. He was replaced by Fr. Paul Ande.


St. Patrick

St. Patrick's Parish, Taraku was established in 1932. It has given birth to several parishes, Missions and chaplaincies. It has 28 outstations with Father Joseph Beba as the parish priest. He took over from Father James Bature. The current parish priest is Father Victor Uvihi.


St. Paul

St. Paul Catholic Mission Kertyo, Makurdi started as an outstation of St. Gregory's Parish Ikpayongo and was commissioned in 1995 by Father Albert Aondona (now late).  When Holy family parish Kanshio became a parish, Kertyo was her outstation.  On February 18, 2011, the then Bishop of Makurdi, Most Revd A.A. Usuh created St. Paul's Mission Kertyo to be headed by Father Anthony Akaatenger who celebrated first Mass on February 20th, 2011.

On 1st December, 2012 St. Matthew’s Catholic Church Bam - Achusa, Makurdi was commissioned to be an outstation of St. Paul's Kertyo. 

Father Alexander Shango was charged with the responsibility for the souls of the people of this mission on September 2, 2015 to 11th October, 2018, Father Paul Nyinya who presently heads the Mission, took over from where Father Shango stopped.


St. Paul

St. Paul's Catholic Mission started in 1978 under the leadership of Father Donald Akegh the then parish priest of St. Gregory's Parish Ikpayongo. Father Akegh was the first priest to celebrate mass for the people of God in Logo 1 that year. In 1979, Father Albert Aondoana (of blessed memory) was posted to Ikpayongo. He was working with Father Geoffrey Tor lortyer (also of blessed memory). Father lortyer was overseeing the affairs of St. Paul's and other churches. In 1994, St. Paul's Catholic Church, Ahule was made the Zonal headquarters of Akpen zone. The Churches that were under the zone included; St. Thomas Anum, Catholic Youth Centre, St. Francis Nyiekaa and St. Lucy Ayihe. In 2002, under the late Father Jude Jirgba, St. Paul's Catholic Church was declared a Mission from St. Gregory's parish Ikpayongo by His Lordship, Most Revd. Dr. A.A Usuh.

Priests in- charge of St. Paul from 1999 to the present.

Priests in- charge of St. Paul from 19 ...

St. Peter

St. Peter's Misson, Ujamaityu was an station under the Cathedral Parish of Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Makurdi. This Mission received its independence during the period of Father Emmanuel Adagba (the Cathedral Administrator) on the  of November 14th, 2007 by the then Catholic Bishop of Makurdi Diocese, Most Revd Athanasius Usuh.

Priests who worked in the mission include:

Father Godwin Bagu

Father Celestine Aayongo

Father Ferdinand Iornume

Father Cosmas Jooli

Father Antoninus Ajaegbu cmf

Father Moses Dzever CSSp acting parish priest.


St. Rita

St. Rita's Mission Agber started in 2011 under a woman Catechist Anna Sue. Father Titus Imojime who was parish priest of St. Joseph's Parish, Nyiman nurtured it. In 2012 and 2013,  Father Moses Iorapuu who later became the Parish Priest of St. Joseph Nyiman made proper arrangement for a priest's residence and advised the Bishop to inaugurate it as an Independent Mission. This request was granted immediately and the Bishop announced an independent mission on chrism mass of March 28, 2015. And in September same year, he appointed Father Anthony Maria Akaatenger, as the first priest of the Mission. The Mission now has Father Philip Gbishe as the priest-in-charge.


St. Stephen

St. Stephen's Catholic Church started as a prayer centre under a  mango tree located at the Primary Health Care Center, Asase. Thereafter it metamorphosed into a church when a tent was constructed on February 22, 1998 to accommodate worshippers.

In July, 2002 there was a heavy down-pour which led to the collapse of the tent. The then church council under the chairmanship of Mr. Daniel Shiko resolved to move the Church to the permanent site owing to the increase in the number of worshippers.

In 2003, the church's population reduced following the establishment of another church at Uchonu named St. Francis Catholic church Uchonu. St. Stephen's Catholic Church was one of the most viable outstations in St. Mary's parish North Bank, under the then parish Priest Fr. Oliver Tarkende.  Fr. Oliver Tarkende deemed it fit that the church should have a building other than a mere tent and so he erected a building worth worshipping inside. St. Stephen& ...

St. Therera

St. Theresa's parish can be traced back to 1956 when it started as an outstation of Holy Ghost Cathedral Makurdi as a small church in a thatched hut located at Luka, the premises now occupied by Tarka Foundation and the public square. In that same year it was relocated to low-level opposite St. Theresa's Primary School to pave way for other developmental needs. It was later again moved to High Level in 1967 on the instructions of the then Bishop Revd Dr. D.J. Murray (of blessed memory).

Between 1956 and 1980 when St. Theresa's Church was an outstation of Holy Ghost Cathedral, the following priests came as visiting priests to the outstation; Father John Briene, CSsp, Revd Father Francis Bligh,CSsp,  Revd Father Avery Gerard, CSsp, Father Frarey, Cssp, Father Sherwood, CSsp, Father Stephen Beba, Father Dennis Num of blessed memory. Father O. DonneI and Father (Dr) Clement Mato,

St. Theresa's Parish High Level Makurdi was created and inaugurated ...

St. Thomas Catholic Mission Anum

St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic Mission had a humble beginning in 1972 with a small worshipping population under St Gregory's Parish Ikpayongo. The church was recognized by Rev. Fr. Morgan who was then Parish Priest of St. Gregory's parish Ikpayongo. Late Fr. Moses Adasu was the first priest that was assigned to oversee activities of this new church. Other priests including the late Fr. Michael Akure, Rev Fr Cornelius Adzor and the late Fr James Shagbaor Moti at different points were posted to shepherd the mission.

St. Thomas Catholic Church Anum was pronounced a mission on Easter Monday of the year 2000 by Most Revd Athanasius Usuh, the then Bishop of Makurdi with St. Gabriel Tyav as the only out-station.  Fr Jude Jirgba (of blessed memory) (then Parish Priest, Ikpayongo) then continued to administer the parish by proxy until Fr Oliver Ortese was officially assigned as the Priest-in-Charge of the mission in October, 2000 while resident at the Major Seminary, ...

St. Vincent De Paul Quasi-Parish, Iorwar

St Vincent de Paul Quasi-Parish is an offspring of Ss Peter and Paul Parish Aliade. In November 2013 the Holy Ghost Fathers began to create this Pastoral Unit out of Ss Peter and Paul, following the instruction of the then Bishop of the Diocese, Most Revd Athanasius Usuh through the Provincial Superior of the Spiritans, Revd Fr John Atoba CSSp. On the 3rd of March 2014, the same Bishop signed the decree establishing St Vincent de Paul Quasi-Parish Iorwar. The Bishop also appointed Revd Fr Emmanuel Terngu Atume Dagi CSSp as the first Priest in Charge of the new Pastoral Unit on the same day (3rd March 2014). The Quasi-Parish was officially inaugurated on Sunday, the 28th of September, 2014.

The Quasi-Parish presently has 17 outstations divided into Six zones for easy organization.


St. Vincent Hospital Chaplaincy

St. Vincent Hospital was established in 1974. The spiritual demand of patients and people around the hospital gave rise to the establishment of the chaplaincy in 2000 and Revd Father Gregory Ugah was made the Chaplain, he was succeeded by Revd Father Jude Ortese CSsp, Father Francis Akuve, CSSp replaced Father Ortese and the current Chaplain is Father Geoffrey Baka CSsp.