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Catholic Diocese of Makurdi


Biography of Bishop James Hagan

James Hagan, CSSp, was born on March 23, 1904 at Leadgate, Great Britain. He was ordained a priest of the Congregation of the Holy Spirit, and on March 20, 1948 he was appointed the Prefect of Benue, Nigeria. On March 8, 1960, Father Hagan was appointed Bishop of Otukpo, Nigeria.



He later moved the seat of his Diocese to Makurdi. He resigned on March 29 1966 as Bishop of Makurdi Diocese, due to ill-health. He was however appointed the Titular Bishop of Horrea Coelia on March 29, 1966. On December 7, 1970, he again resigned as the Titular Bishop of Horrea Coelia. Bishop James Hagan died on December 12, 1976 as Bishop Emeritus of Makurdi Diocese, Nigeria.